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Looking Up - Anatomy Salon: The Spine

December 1, 2019

10:00am - 5:00pm
Location: Carousel Theatre 1411 Cartwright St. (on Granville Island) - Studio A (TBC)

Join Gerry Trentham in the fifth in a series of Anatomy Salons that have been presented in Vancouver and Toronto. These sessions, initiated by Voice Intensive alumni, are designed to give time and space for participants to experience anatomy in practice.  The gathering investigates a specific anatomical aspect of the body in mind, body and voice in an atmosphere of sharing – knowledge, curiosity and deeply layered study. This workshop is open to anyone interested in a deeper understanding of their anatomy and function. 

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In Looking Up participants are invited into an investigation of the spine.  In our new world of screens, the spine can easily lose its range. Designed to respond to our world in all planes, the spine is instrumental in negotiating our connection to our environment - for instance theatre artist Philip Sheppard suggests our future is behind us – the part we can’t see – as we lose rotation, we lose this connection to the mysteries at our backs, our vision becomes limited.  Screens often draw us forward in a contained world that we can see. In Looking Up we will find means to explore beyond sight, recover the natural range and power of our spines and possibly rediscover the rich world “around us”.


$110 / $85 with early bird registration by November 1, 2019

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