Welcome to the MVI
As the MVI team expands its faculty and re-considers its evolved intensive in-person training programs, we invite you into online sessions that continue to connect us as a community.  These sessions are offered by our presenter, pounds per square inch performance, though their PoundsART Channel.

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Moving Voice to Text

with Ausar Stewart and Gary Logan

Join Carnegie Mellon professors Ausar Stewart and Gary Logan 

in two January sessions co-presented by pounds per square inch performance and the Moving Voice Institute

January 26th & 28th
1:00 – 2:30 pm
Cost  $25 for one class, $40 for both classes

Tuesday January 26th - Ausar Stewart

Ausar Stewart asks “What does your voice reveal about who you’ve been, are now, and becoming?” Amidst a sea of global uncertainty we’ll be exploring exercises that reveal  how your body, breath and voice can provide you with the capacity to cope, thrive and even transcend internal/external turmoil. 

Ausar Stewart is one of North America’s leading voice, speech and communications coaches.  Having taught in some of Canada's finest institutions he is presently a Professor of Voice and Acting at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Drawing from a wide range of training and experiences, Ausar integrates modalities from the performance world with holistic healing practices to create an electrifying signature approach to the art of communication. As the owner of Free Your Voice, he works with private and corporate clients to develop the speaking and embodiment skills that instill confidence, produce power and leave a lasting impact.  His clients Speak, Inspire and Lead.  

To learn more about Ausar visit: www.freeingyourvoice.ca


Thursday January 28th - Gary Logan 
In this session, Gary Logan will examine ways in which we can make the most of our vocal communication, exploring simple techniques that will put listeners at ease and close the gap between a speaker’s intention and the listener’s perception. With techniques that entail a mindfulness of breath, phonation, operative value, and inflection, the chances for clear messaging are increased, and the muddiness of misunderstanding are greatly decreased. Even better, these techniques are equally as effective in extemporaneous speech as they are in scripted text.


​Gary is the Professor of Speech and Dialects for the Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama. He is the former director of the Shakespeare Theatre Company’s MFA program in Washington, DC; the former Head of Voice at the National Theatre Conservatory in Denver, CO; and has been a regular faculty member of the Moving Voice Institute (formerly Canada’s National Voice Intensive) for over 25 years. His teaching, directing, and explorations into text have led to recording or producing over 800 voice-overs, and coaching some of the most prolific actors in film, television, and stage in voice techniques, as well as accents and dialects. He is the author of The Eloquent Shakespeare (University of Chicago Press) and is currently writing a new book. He is also collating his poetry for publication.  Please visit garylogan.space for more info.

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